Saturday, June 07, 2008

Bill McCollum: "McCain is Out of Touch"

If you a Democrat in Florida, you need to make sure this video gets seen. McCain already had a lot to answer for in last week's visit concerning his opposition to Everglades restoration, but that is nothing compared to his dismal record on helping hurricane victims. He even bragged about disregarding Floridians who needed help after the devastating hurricanes:

Kudos to the Florida Democratic Party for putting this video together.

Not only does McCain oppose the bill for national disaster insurance, he does not understand it. From the Palm Beach Post:

He continues to insist that the bill, which would help to pay insurance claims from catastrophic hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes, would cost the government $200 billion. He has said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency could handle the problem.

In fact, states would have to qualify for the program by first setting up their own insurance pools, as Florida has done. If those resources aren't enough, states would go to the national program, which would issue private-market bonds backed by the government. The idea is to avoid the sort of bailout that happened after Hurricane Katrina. Having the plan would allow private insurers to base rates only on bad years, not catastrophic years. That would set limits on prospective claims, and rates would fall.

FEMA can't even find victims in a giant SuperDome or figure out housing for victims years later. It is appalling that our perpetually tanned governor, who is BEGGING for the veep slot, hasn't bothered to explain the plan, which he supports, to his potential new boss. As our right-wing attorney general, Bill McCollum, said, "McCain is out of touch".

If you are a Dem blogger, at the end of it--copy the embed code and put it on your blog or even email it. Floridians need to know how wrong McCain is for Florida.

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