Monday, June 16, 2008

McCain's "edgy" Bus Tour Video--very funny!!

Somehow or another I got on johnmccain's email list. As a regular visitor to this site, it is very interesting to see how they spin their recent string of disasters.

The latest email made me smile--and I thought you would enjoy it. It's called "McCain Cribs: Straight Talk Express". The video is shot similar to how MTV shoots their popular series "Cribs"--and it gives you an inside look at the STE. The email promises you can even get a look inside the refrigerator!! (It's soda-"No booze this time!"). Party animals.

If EVER there was a more pathetic attempt to make McCain hot, fly, and edgy ("Take that Hollywood!"), this is it. I warned you:

Here's the video:

It's 4 1/2 minutes long--but at least watch the first few seconds to see that wicked MTV-style intro. It goes downhill from there. I'll give you the brief:

Cool man "Davis White - Director of Advance" pops out of the bus to give you the "exclusive tour". You get to hear all about the engine and baggage area with cool fast-forwarding camera effects.

White is happy to show diversity on the bus--their bus driver is a black man! He is "like family".

White says they like to be "rollin' in style" with

"8 inch tires sittin' on 22 inch rims--TAKE THAT HOLLYWOOD!!"


They go overboard about all the technology (see, McCain gets it!!). Damn, someone "left their blackberry here" sitting out on the table--how convenient.

There is a shower on the bus--but no one has used it yet. But it's "ready and willing" (creepy)

We get to see where Senator McCain sits. Davis "don't want to disrepect it" by sitting there. (I could actually envision Mccain flying off the handle)

It ends with Davis throwing you off the bus, ala "Cribs",
You're gonna have to get off--seriously, you're gonna have to go before I call Secret Service!
Cue music.

What the hell were they thinking? THIS is what they are going to use to lure people from the Obama camp? Barack must be quaking. The sad thing is I can see the media consultant who dreamed this up to "reach out" saying "YES--Nailed it!"

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