Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why do Democratic Politicians go on Faux News?

Just this morning, I was flipping through the channels, trying to catch the news about the Indiana primary race. I stopped at what I thought was a legitimate news outlet (it had a scoll running across the bottom and everything). I got the results and was about to move on, but then I looked up....

Hatemonger Michelle Malkin was on. Why Stalkin Malkin still has a career after stalking a 12-year old boy and writing a book on why people should be locked up based on race is beyond me.

But there is always an audience for her on "Fair and Balanced" Fox.

It was only a minute I watched--just enough to catch the results, when I heard one of the "reporters" on that show ask Stalkin Malkin a perfectly fair question:

"Could you give some examples of how she [Michelle Obama] hates America?"

Malkin responded that she watched Michelle Obama on the Today show (one of the yokels tried to make a joke about mentioning their "competitor"--like they have any relation to a real news station). Stalkin Malkin went on some rant about Michelle Obama saying how proud she was of her husband, which according to Malkin's twisted logic meant that she hated America because she didn't mention how proud she was of her country as well.

(Yeah, that makes sense. I often tell my son I'm proud of him, but always follow up with "BUT not as much as AMERICA!" But I wear flag pins to bed with me, something you terrorist-loving America haters don't understand.)

I could laugh it off but it reminded me of how angry I was that both Barack AND Hillary decided to go on this stupid network very recently. For what reason, I have no clue. All they did was help FOX pretend to be a legitimate news source and allow them to inject this obvious right-wing vile as regular news..

I can imagine the outrage if this happened on any other network, but for some reason we seem to have outrage overload on FOX and just ignore it. They are a dangerous force and should be called out every time they cross the line.


The GOP politicians don't EVER go on left-wing medium, like Air America or DailyKos. In fact, they call ANY successful left-wing venture, like or DailyKos, "Anti-American". (In fact, Markos posted a front page clip of Fox and Friends hosts going ballistic over some politician posting a diary on the "anti-American site DailyKOS!!!")

WHY the hell don't OUR politicians do that with FAUX News? (I can't even get them to stop joining the GOP in condemning OUR OWN support systems!!)

WHY the hell should any of our politicians give them an ounce of legitimacy? WHY do I have to even explain to our politicians the stupidity of going on that network---no one on the right is telling their people to "Get on DKOS and try to reach that audience!"

But then again, at least we don't pretend that we are fair and balanced. Maybe if we did, then all GOP candidates will be forced to come here, post diaries, and try to win us over.

Yeah, I know that sounds stupid.

Think about it.

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