Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mr. Straight Talk can't even get his own position straight

I LOVE that DNC add I featured in my previous blog post below. Watch it here if you haven't seen it. But the GOP is outraged--threatening lawsuits against TV stations who show it and attacking those (like me) who post it. I was attacked in a blistering email yesterday (and even threatened with "legal action") because even though McCain talked out loud on tape, he was "taken out of context". The email claimed that McCain was talking about staying there in the model of Germany and Japan where there are no casualties. (Keep dreaming.)

Well, 4,000 troops haven't been killed in the 60 years we have been in Germany and Japan. That is how many have been killed in the 5 years we have been in Iraq (along with half a trillion dollars spent). Germany and Japan are homogeneous nations, not three factions who have been killing each other for centuries.

McCain is talking about staying in Iraq NO MATTER WHAT. He has never said that he will pull the troops out of Iraq if the violence continues against our own troops.

Most people are smart enough to know that success in Iraq does not constitute any reduction in violence, no matter how mall (great news--our troops are now being slaughtered from 60 to 30 deaths a month!) This is, unless of course, the violence sharply increases, which apparently also means success. (PS-yesterday concluded the Deadliest Month so far on record. You guessed it, the GOP is saying this means we are being successful.)

In fact, watch this video montage below. McCain hasn't even been consistent on his backpedalling either---he screams that we neeed to leave SOON after the invasion and that Iraq will never accept a permanent US presence to being happy with our troops being there for 1,000 years no matter the conditions on the ground. (PS-the full clip of McCain talking about staying in Iraq is included):

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  1. Happy 5 year anniversary of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!