Saturday, May 03, 2008

Poor, sweet, naive Karen Thurman

I met her several times. She is a tough, smart lady. Here is what she sent out:

I'm angry.

Earlier this week I was hopeful that the thousands of emails we sent to the Republicans in control would wake them up out of their special interest stupor.

Unfortunately, Republicans like Jeff Atwater proved once again that they just don't care about the people of Florida. It was business-as-usual for them.

They should be ashamed of themselves - but they're not. So we have got to throw the bums out.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper NOW to let people know about the Republicans' tax hikes, special interest giveaways, cuts to health care and gutting of education.

In the middle of the recession they created, Republicans chose special interests over the people of Florida. They raised property taxes and hiked every fee imaginable. They're sending pink slips to teachers across the state, and shuttering health facilities for the disabled.

But Atwater, who thinks he's going to be the next Senate President, has still got his $7000-a-month intern. And a major Republican developer got a $7.5-million connector road that will be a huge boon to their business. Sen. Mike Haridopolos still hasn't finished the book the state paid him more than $100,000 to write, and he's taking another $75,000 for a part-time lecturing job.

These Republicans don't see what's coming at them. Florida is boiling over and we won't forget the pain they've caused this November.

Also, the St. Pete Times:

Barring a Tallahassee miracle, when the Legislature adjourns Friday it will have failed in every respect to responsibly address the state's most pressing issues. It is hard to imagine re-election campaigns based on a record of imposing painful spending cuts, protecting special interest tax breaks, forcing universities to cap enrollments and raising local property taxes to keep public education limping along. But incumbents will try to paper over the sins of the spring with misleading campaign ads in the fall, and voters should not let them get away with it.
- St. Petersburg Times Editorial, 4/28/08

Florida IS boiling over mad. In today's Orlando Sentinel, the headline is how our state legislature threw away federal dollars for us to have a REAL rail system we desperately need here in Central Florida, along with it would have come money to WIDEN I-4. Logical, yes. Did it pass? NOPE.

Two weeks ago, front page Orlando Sentinel, GOP legislative leader Marc Rubio talked about gutting medical care for the needy because Florida citizens needed to "tighten their belts". Of course, that didn't mean his. The wealthy FL legislators receive free health care, and were insulted that they were asked to cut that benefit.

HOWEVER, I have lived here long enough to know this: FL won't throw the bums out. They will keep electing them just like a kid who can't resist touching an electric fence to see if he gets shocked.

The GOP is betting on voter's apathy and stupidity to keep them in office--even after this fiasco. Karen Thurman and the state Democrats are betting on their active participation and sensibility.

Sorry to say, I am with the Republicans on this one.


  1. I agree with much in your post, but the reason that Florida keeps electing Republicans has nothing to do with voter apathy or stupidity, it has to do with gerrymandering. And the evidence is clear that Thurman is right this time around. In the last two years, nine Republican-held seats, most of them in Republican-leaning districts have been taken in the House. That's a record for either party in the history of the state in such a span.

    On January 29, there was record turnout for Democrats. This year isn't particularly favorable because there are fewer competitive seats in play, but there will be a few more pickups. In 2010, though, the map is very favorable to Democrats and by the end of that electoral cycle, you could see another dozen seats becoming Democratic. Florida Republicans are in trouble and things like this are why.

    And I'd like to link to your post, but I don't think I can link to it because of the condescending and borderline sexist header.

  2. Gerrymandering is a real problem. Florida is one of the few states where the districts don't even have to touch each other.

    But the blogpost is NOT attacking Democrats. Gerrymandering would have NO effect if people would vote in their best interest. Blue collar folks here in Seminole with no health insurance and homes they are about to lose overwhelmingly vote GOP. The anger is towards FL citizens who should know better.