Monday, May 12, 2008

Can Barack Win Florida?

The quick answer is yes. Not as easily as Hillary...all of the snowbirds from New York would travel down here to vote for her. She is a lock on this crucial state: She consistently wins Florida in head to head matchups with John McSame.

Barack, not so much. But he isn't doing bad. The latest poll shows Barack tied with McCain-- 43% to 44%, which is well within the poll's margin of error. Keep in mind that McCain has already spent a ton of time here in January trying to lock up the GOP primary and has spend a couple million for TV spots. Barack hasn't even set foot here yet and has not spent one single dime.

That is about to change. From TC Palm:

Next week, Obama plans to spend three days, starting May 21 in Florida, with stops in Tampa, Orlando, Palm Beach County and Miami. A spokeswoman for the Obama campaign said the details of the Florida stops have yet to be finalized.

He is already on the right track. From the Sentinel:

Barack Obama promised a group of uncommitted superdelegates today that he would seat Florida’s delegation at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

"He assured us that Florida delegates will be at the convention and they’ll have their party hats on," reported South Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney, one of the uncommitted superdelegates.

This appears to be the first time Obama, the front-runner for the nomination, has made such a clear, definite promise.

Good for you, Mr. O. Not that I was surprised in the least.

I have often said there was no way in hell that either Obama or Hillary would not allow the seating of the Florida delegates. It would have been suicide. Although this proves me right, what this more proves is that Barack is committed to winning in November. And I couldn't be happier.

(PS-I was asked to be a FL delegate--but I had the slight problem of being a Republican at the time. Long story.)

Barack is poised to build momentum here in Florida. And all the GOP has to throw at him is Jeremiah Wright, which is why it still lingers in the news. Although Obama has not brought up McCain's association with hatemonger Rev. John Hagee, he has thrown down the gauntlet on McCain's association with Charles Keating and being part of the infamous Keating 5.

Trying to tie Barack to words from a former paster 20 years ago, which he repeatedly denounced, is small potatoes to trying to keep a corrupt banker who stole people's lifesavings out of jail just because he donated millions to your campaign.

The election here is going to be close--much more than it should be. No one should wish a third Bush term on their worst enemy. But I honestly would rather be in our position than McCain's. Even without Florida, Barack will most likely win the election--but my job (and yours to) is to see that he doesn't have to.

I am committed to helping Obama win Florida's 27 electoral votes. I hope you will join me.

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