Wednesday, October 01, 2014

George Zimmerman's Family Tried To Get Reality TV Show

I just don't know how to unpack this:

In an in-depth interview in GQ, George Zimmerman's brother discloses that his family wanted to "rebrand" the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer after his murder acquittal and make him the star of a reality TV show..

"I learned a lot from watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians,' " Robert Zimmerman Jr. told GQ in a story in its October editions.

Put aside, for the moment, the pure evil of trying to enjoy celebrity status for killing an unarmed child and just try to examine how detached from reality this all is.

Here's his pitch:

After the acquittal, the family tried to come up with a way to capitalize on George Zimmerman's notoriety, his brother told the magazine.

He wanted to make George the star of his own reality show, perhaps something similar to "Candid Camera," where an unsuspecting person taking a self-defense class might discover at the end of the show that George Zimmerman also was in the class.

I usually say something snarky by now, bit I can't. The sheer and utter depravity knocks the wind out of me. Not being the least bit bothered with taking this kid's life, even if in their diseased-ridden minds you think it was justified, makes me realize that there truly are people on this planet beyond any hope.

Usually, when I argue with a teabagger, (and it's ALWAYS a teabagger), I barely contain my anger at the bigoted justifications of this psychopaths actions. I always ask them if they think it normal that he keeps getting arrested (beating up his wife, pulling a gun on his father-in-law, and just last week threatened to shoot a driver in a fit of road rage).

I have little doubt that Zimmerman will snap again and kill someone else very soon. Maybe then CNN will stop paying for his damn spending sprees and perhaps gun shops in Florida will stop having him sign autographs. (Oh, PS...go fuck yourself Arms Room of Orlando)...

Maybe then, the family will quit trying to "cash in" on this delusional individual.

But I doubt it...

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