Sunday, October 26, 2014

Colorado Station Busts Megyn Kelly for Outright Lying; FoxNews Offers No Correction

What bobblehead Megyn Kelly did was literally make this up:

On her Fox News show this week, Megyn Kelly drew viewer attention to possible voter fraud in Colorado over a law that she said “literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to collectors.”

She used air quotes to say "collectors". Worse, she opened by saying that this was a scheme by Democrats to do away with "traditional polling places". She added, with a smirk, "what could go wrong?"

And this is Why Fox News and their rightwing supporters are the only ones left who try to say it is anything other than a sleazy, ideologoical sham posing as a news agency.

Megyn Kelly outright lied: Colorado citizens cannot print their ballots and give them to "collectors". One simple phonecall to any elections supervisor or Sec. of State office would have told her that, if there was any fact checking going on at Fox.

The only people who can print out ballots are active military personnel serving overseas, which as Rachel Maddow pointed out in a blistering response, they could always do even before the vote-by-mail law passed:

Neither Fox News nor Megyn Kelly offered a correction. They never do. So Colorado 9News anchor, Kyle Clark, had to draw a rebuke since Fox News refused to recall a blatant lie:

“We normally reserve our truth test for political ads, but that claim is misleading.”

Can anyone here name a "news" outlet that would blatantly lie and then continue to lie even after being called out on it? There are none--because Fox has never been one. Legitimate journalists try to get to the truth, Fox (and friends) tries to make up the truth to suit their rightwing objectives.

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