Monday, July 07, 2014

Ten Questions Rick Scott and His Supporters Can't (Or Won't) Answer

Dueling with Scott's fanatic base can be a source of entertainment. I especially like to post items like these and watch them ignore it. Feel free to use this and pass it around.

1) Why did Scott wait three years to reverse the auto tag fee increase signed in by Crist (but enacted by the Legislature, which is pretty much the same bunch of people there now)? He criticizes Crist for it, which doesn't make sense unless it wasn't needed. But if it wasn't needed, why did Scott keep it for three years?

2) Why did Rick Scott lie about his promise to bring 1.7 million jobs to Florida?

3) If Rick Scott is such a jobs master, why is FL ranked so low in this list?

4) Is't it hypocritical for Rick Scott, who at last count had a net worth of $132 million, to refer to Charlie Crist derisively as a "millionaire"?

5) If Charlie Crist is to blame because he "oversaw" the loss of 800,000+ jobs in Florida, that doesn't Rick Scott belong in jail because he "oversaw" the largest case of Medicare fraud (at the time) in history?

6) What specifically did Crist do (or not do) to cause Florida to lose 800,000+ jobs? If you are able to answer this, what other state governor did (or didn't) do the same thing to save jobs in their state?

7) If Scott is such a jobs master, why does he have a 96% failure rate when it comes to bringing jobs here, where he is most directly responsible for bringing them (e.g, with tax incentives)?

8) Rick Scott says that Democrats shouldn't bring up his pleading the 5th 75 times because it happened 20 years ago. But he brings up allegations regarding Charlie Crist and Scott Rothstein, which happened in 2009. That was five years ago. When does the charge concerning Crist and Rothstein become old news? 7 years? 10 years?

9) Why, in his first budget year, did Rick Scott veto $1.5 million in spending for building new rape crisis centers?

10) Why do you trust Scott even though he is willing to lie, on natiowwide TV, about something as simple as whether a company received tax incentives to move here?

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