Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rick Scott vs. Justin Bieber

This is rich. Rick Scott once lectured Justin Bieber that he had to obey the law. This is sort of like Open Carry giving lectures on gun responsibility.

American Bridge 21st Century PAC has done their most clever ad I've seen so far. It compares Rick Scott's extremely evasive deposition with the viral video of Beiber's March 6 interrogation.

Who came across worse? All I know is that they are both rich, entitled jerks; and both of whom are completely tonedeaf on the destruction their irresponsible behavior causes.

You can watch it on the superPAC's website with some important background info.

I also embedded the ad below.


(Note: youtube is the only place I can find the video. If there is a link to another site, please let know so our overseas readers can enjoy as well.)

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