Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rick Scott's 2010 Tomfoolery

Up next on my list of what is now 231 reasons to dis-elect Rick Scott, a handful having to do with the 2010 election. The tactics will look familiar.

If Democrats select Crist in the primary, as seems likely, I'll be starting a series on how to answer Scott's charges against Crist.


We should never forget that Rick Scott became governor in part by spending millions of dollars of his own money – and spending a good amount of that money spreading patent falsehoods about his opponents, Bill McCollum and Alex Sink. All politicians lie during election time, but Scott elevated falsehood to an art form.

106) Rick Scott lied about Bill McCollum’s relationship to disgraced Florida Republican leader Jim Greer.

Scott claimed that McCollum tried to hide Greer’s illegal activities. In reality, McCollum led the way in having Greer removed from his position.

107) Rick Scott misled voters about McCollum’s voting record on tax and fee increases.

Scott claimed that McCollum voted 42 times for tax and fee increases as a member of Congress.  The number was reached by double or triple counting some votes. He also ignored efforts by McCollum to cut taxes.

108) Rick Scott lied about Bill McCollum’s lobbying on behalf of clients who helped illegal immigrants.

In reality the clients either never helped illegal immigrants, or did so when McCollum was not operating as their lobbyist.

Up next on my list of what is now 231 reasons to dis-elect Rick Scott are a handful of his shenanigans during the 2010 elections. We've already seen he's true to form for 2014, and should Democrats pick Crist as their candidate later this month, I'll start a series on how to answer some of Scott's sillier charges against Crist.  (If they end up picking Nan Rich -- well, that should be interesting because Sc

109) Rick Scott backed out of several debates during the 2010 elections.

Although he participated in a couple of debates with Bill McCollum, he later started backing out of debates, including the only one that would be televised statewide.

110) Rick Scott falsely claimed that Bill McCollum charged taxpayers for a chartered airplane.

111) Rick Scott falsely claimed that Alex Sink funneled “no bid” contracts to her former employer.

112) Rick Scott adopted a rescue dog as a campaign ploy.

This was definitely a ploy by him to get votes. There was some question of what he did with the dog and why, but this matter for one seems to have ended well.

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