Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rick Scott -- Pro-Life, or Pro-Votes?

My next entry in this series discussing my list of non-partisan reasons to vote out Rick Scott concerns the issue of abortion, and will be short. Some who have read my comments will be aware that I would be classed as pro-life. But I also acknowledge as legitimate the criticism of pro-choice position-holders, that many pro-life advocates only seem to care about life when it is inside the womb, and after that, you're on your own! Nevertheless, Scott's record in this regard should be disturbing to you no matter which side you're on.

I'd say Rick Scott is an example of that, but in fact, he is even worse. Rick Scott claims to be pro-life, but his actions show that he is only “pro-life” to the extent that it helps him gain votes. He did sign some pro-life legislation into law, including in this latest session, but his actions speak louder than a mere swipe of a pen, and show that he is a hypocrite on this issue. 
Scott is using and manipulating the pro-life movement for votes. The pro-life movement is undermining its credibility by supporting him.  In biological terms, this would be called an unhealthy symbiotic relationship.
From a non-partisan standpoint, objections from this category are:
81) Rick Scott, as head of HCA’s hospital chain, profited from abortions.
Scott has not denied that HCA provided abortions under his tenure, but has claimed that his company was “subject to” what was set up by medical staff beforehand. This is nonsense. Rick Scott was the owner and boss and it was within his authority to “knock down” anything that had been “set up.” No law requires private hospitals to provide abortions. But even if this were not the case, he could have spoken up as an alleged pro-life advocate to have abortions removed as one of HCA’s services. He did not.

82) Rick Scott falsely used a tragic example of a family’s suffering to pose himself as pro-life.
On the campaign trail, Scott alluded to a situation in Texas which allegedly showed he was committed to pro-life causes. The case was that of Mark and Karla Miller, and it had nothing to do with pro-life issues, and did not involve abortion specifically. Scott used this family’s tragedy for political gain, and did so even though his own involvement in the situation was marginal at best.
83) Rick Scott misrepresented the pro-life credentials of Bill McCollum.
During the governor’s campaign, Scott’s campaign ran an ad claiming that McCollum had accepted money from lobbyists for Planned Parenthood, a chief abortion supporter. This is not only false in terms of details, it also ignored McCollum’s rating of “zero” from Planned Parenthood, as a staunch pro-lifer.
In reality, the donation came from a lobbyist organization that had, at one time, represented Planned Parenthood – as well as pro-life candidates. But that donation also came at a time when the lobbyist company wasn’t representing Planned Parenthood.

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