Sunday, June 01, 2014

Clueless: Fox "News" Hires Unqualified, D-list Actress to Provide "Analysis"

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I shouldn't have to say this. But I will. The word "news", by definition, means unbiased--without commentary. Fox "News" is not just slanted, it is outright propaganda. The mission of Fox is different than any other legitimate "news" organization. Their objective is not to provide unbiased facts, but rather to further expand a conservative agenda.

In fact, the only people to ever disagree with me on this are right-wing conservatives. The fact that they are the only ones really should have been their first clue.

And that's only if you think that doing things that no legitimate news source would ever do, such as doctoring photos of your critics, or making wild accusations out of thin air, or, amazingly, taking out FULL PAGE ads supporting a particular political faction is somehow "Fair and Balanced".

If there ever was a moment that proves that Fox is, and will never be anything more, than an arm of the GOP, they need look no further than their recent ridiculous choice of hiring Clueless star Stacey Dash. She joins the Fox bobble head team to provide "analysis and commentary" on the "political and social" events of the day.

Honestly. What legitimate news network would hire a has-been, D-list actress with no credentials whatsoever to be a news analyst?

Has there been anyone watching significant events unfolding overseas or a breaking political scandal here in the US and thought, "Hey, I wonder what that actress from Mo'Money would say about this"?

Of course, not. It's preposterous. Imagine if CNBC, CNN, the Washington Post, NPR, or any other news network had done this. It would be a news story unto itself for being so ridiculous.

And yet, because it was Fox News, no one batted an eyelash. OF COURSE they hired her. She is a trifecta for Fox's agenda: black female, Hollywood (well, sorta), and a frothing conservative. They really don't have many of those. Actually, I think she may be the only one ever-and for good reason, mind you. Not many black females would tolerate the blatant racism of Megyn ("don't worry kids, Santa is white") Kelley, Sean (Bundy-hugger/Suppress the black vote) Hannity, or Bill (how much time ya got?) O'Reilly. I would say that she might also have to deal with the bashing of the "Hollywood elite", but that wouldn't be fair since she never was.

I do think she's a fine actress. The proof is her landing this role at Fox. She has been auditioning for this role for two years now, making the rounds of talk shows to espouse her newly discovered rightwing philosophy.

You think I'm being unfair? Then you tell me why she was hired.

It certainly wasn't in-depth analytical skills: most of her "analysis" is in the form of random tweets. She even admits she has never been politically involved until two years ago, which, coincidentally, was about the same time her acting career was tanking.

She has no background in politics, journalism, or policy. (She does have a high-school education, however, which means she is more educated than most of her target audience.)

She also wasn't hired for, God forbid, providing a diverse opinion at Fox. Hell, she'll even fit in when they slander minorities. (She actually attacked Oprah for defending Trayvon Martin and literally defended Paula Dean's racist slurs.)

And she wasn't hired to give some sort of insight to the Hollywood scene. She is on nobody's VIP list.

No, she was hired to be a tool. I'm sure she doesn't mind because she will be well-compensated, no doubt. All it cost her was her soul, which she was willing to trade to cling onto the spotlight just a little longer.

Maybe Fox's next coup can be Porn Star Jenna Jameson. She also a conservative, but unlike Stacey, at least she's honest about the reason why:

When you're rich, you want a Republican in office.

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