Wednesday, June 04, 2014

New Ad Features Rick Scott Getting Caught in Another Lie

This video shows how easily Rick Scott lies. He promised one thing, and now is insisting he never said that.

Rick, are you aware of something called YouTube?


  1. Even if we didn't remember, someone will always help us remember. Of course most of the time they tell on themselves. We shouldn't expect anything less from a criminal.

  2. Though you probably meant it sarcastically, chances are that no, he's not aware of YouTube -- meaning, what it and other media can do in terms of documentation. Scott is a micromanager who tries to control everything. He also says he doesn't read the newspapers. He's the type of person who has an extremely limited mental horizon, and if something is not in his immediate grasp and he is not able to control it, he pretends it doesn't exist. That lies at the core of all other reasons why he is unfit to govern.

  3. Hi SemDem
    how come Scott isnt in jail because of the medicare fraud that i have heard about?

    1. Money=get out of jail free

    2. Hi Anon #1,

      Scott didn't go to jail because legally speaking, his company (HCA) committed the fraud, not him personally. The fraud was enacted by a hist of employees at the company via a wide range of actions. There are legal provisions which allow a person to have their company take a fall rather than them personally. Sadly many like Scott know how to use that to advantage.