Sunday, May 16, 2010

McCollum wants to turn Florida into Arizona

AZ Anti-Mexican Law:

$90 million lost in tourism in AZ already...

Not one illegal stopped...

In addition to the "Breathing while Mexican" law, they banned all ethnic studies in the schools, and are on their way to passing a law banning teachers with accents.

THIS is what you get when teabaggers run a state.

McCollum was against the idea of bringing AZ wingnuttery here, as was Rubio, until Teabag candidate Rick Scott said he was for it. Now McCollum and Rubio want a carbon copy of the awful AZ immigration law here in Florida.

If Sink and Rubio's opponents don't know how to win with this, they deserve to lose.

This state has a large hispanic population that doesn't take kindly to cops demanding their papers. The campaign ad for this writes itself.

It is bad economically, morally, and doesn't do a damn thing to stop illegal immigration. It is a colossal fail in every way.

But it is the type of law that will pass if we elect a right-wing governor, because we already have a right-wing state legislature thanks to colossal gerrymandering.

If McCollum's Rent-a-Boy scandal wasn't enough to vote for the alternative, hopefully this will.

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