Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Congressman John Mica Still Says Drill Baby Drill

Even though the pristine waters off the Gulf Coast are becoming black sludge, John is fighting for offshore drilling off our coastline.

Oil is thicker than water, but Blood is thicker than both.

His brother is an oil lobbyist.

His overly-influential daughter represents the Consumers Alliance for Affordable Natural Gas and the Citizens Alliance for Energy Security in support of increased access to offshore oil & natural gas.

His son works for a questionable trade association that lobbies energy regulatory issues.

But what’s thicker than Blood? Money.

John Mica has accepted over $60,000.00 in Oil Money

Not that they needed to pay soo much. Mica in 2005: "I voted to drill in the Everglades in the 1970s…and I'd do it again."

Heather Beaven is up against Mica. She has a formidable battle because of gerrymandering (something else we can fix this upcoming election), but she can win with you help.

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  1. Mica also has an oil field named after him where the oil is gushing...