Friday, May 28, 2010

CALL CRIST NOW! Tell him to VETO Abortion Bill!!!!

FL Gov. Crist is being inundated with calls by the Forced Birth crowd to endorse HB 1143---the bill that FORCES woman to get an unnecessary medical procedure that also happens to be one of the most INTRUSIVE: a vaginal ultrasound.

It is not for any medical reason, but pure HARRASSMENT. They want to violate and harrass women who want to exercise their right to terminate a pregnancy.

These are the same teabagging SOBs who were screaming about government intrusion of health care. There is nothing more intrusive than a forced violation for the sole reason of ideology!!

Palm Beach Post editorial:

By passing HB 1143, the same legislators who claim to oppose government forcing its will upon the citizens and government interfering in the doctor-patient relationship have approved legislation to do just that. During what passed for debate on the ultrasound amendment, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, tried to dismiss any comparison by saying that abortion is "elective." Tell that to a woman whose life or health is threatened by a pregnancy.

HB 1143 is about politics, not health care. If there's no good policy reason for Gov. Crist to sign HB 1143, there's also no good political reason. Voters who most support HB 1143 favored Marco Rubio long before Gov. Crist quit the GOP. Having failed to get the endorsement of the AFL-CIO and having received only a partial endorsement from the Florida Teachers Association in his pitch for Democratic support, there's only upside for the governor in a veto. Indeed, he might also get support from Republicans who worry that their party is placing ideology so far above policy.

NOW here is the scoop! The bill is being delayed until the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND to allow the Forced Birth forces to inundate the gov. with calls demanding he SIGN THE BILL.

AND they are winnning! Over 20000 calls tonight for compared with a little over 12000 against.

The GOP legislature will be sending the bill ANY MOMENT tonight, 5/28/10!!

Charlie is weak and always goes the way the wind if he thinks the majority of Floridians want this, he will sign it.

SO CALL HIM OR EMAIL HIM NOW!!!!!! Tell him this is wrong wrong WRONG!!

Take a minute and do it now! Thank you!

GOV Switchboard: (850) 488-4441


UPDATED: several of the women who have had this procedure tell how painful and frightening it is...and call this RAPE, pure and simple, because it FORCES a woman to undergo the following, from a comment from prgsvmama26:

its a vaginal probe that looks like a straight dildo and is covered with a condom. Trust me, I had one. It is invasive when you have consented to it. I only had one with my first pregnancy and refused them for every other one.

From Annie R:

I had it done too, with my permission and still cringe to this day. And it was definitely vaginal. It felt like an assault. I cried during and after. I just wrote Crist and explained it from start to finish, trying to appeal to his "humanity."

OHH..and if I didn't mention it already, after the woman is raped...she is lectured and then forced to PAY FOR IT!!!

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