Sunday, April 04, 2010

No Blacks! No Jews! No Homos! No Dems!

Grayson nailed it. Dr. Jack Caswell couldn't legally put up a sign that said "NO BLACKS", so he did the next best thing...put up a sign that says NO OBAMA VOTERS, knowing that 98% of blacks voted for Obama.

It was a way of discriminating by race WO saying it.

Now every black patient has to be wondering if they got the best care or if their complications were as a result of being "punished" by this quack.

The argument that it is okay because he would treat them anyway or doesn't quiz them is ridiculous. You could put up a sign that says NO JEWS and promise the same thing, but the intimidation factor is there. And placed there by THE DOCTOR, no less. It is discriminating against patients based on beliefs---and no different morally than discriminating against those who hold different religious beliefs or different political beliefs.

Finally, the argument that it isn't illegal. Well, it is not illegal to discriminate against homosexuals in Florida either. Sexual orientation is not protected. However, that doesn't mean a medical doctor who supposedly took the Hypocratic Oath should turn away a homosexual who needs care. Yet I promise you that if he did, the right-wing would defend him just as much as they are defending him now.

Bottom line: A doctor is supposed to have the highest ethical standards. Caswell is neither ethical nor professional...anyone who would bring political ideology into his or her medical office, where people are vulnerable patients, is wrong. Discriminating and intimidating people who disagree with your nutty ideology, however, is downright EVIL. It would be just as evil as if a Dem doctor refused Cheney supporters---but you never heard of that happening.

That is because this new breed of GOPers holds nothing sacred.

Breaking hundreds of years of decorum and heckling the president openly in Congress is acceptable.

Encouraging violence, even threatening Representative's lives because of how they voted, is acceptable.

Threatening Census Worker's lives is acceptable.

Attacking public defenders who are assigned to defend terror suspects is acceptable.

Discriminating against Democrats in medical offices is acceptable.

Because OBAMA is in office, and rules of civilization can be put by the wayside because this black guy has the gall to be our president...and is actually getting things done even though the GOP has devoted the past year to ensuring NOTHING gets done.

That's why they are crazy, and the worst is yet to come...


  1. Awesome rant, guy. Found you from DKOS... I is a fan.

  2. We are taking away his most prized freedom...the freedom to discriminate.