Thursday, April 22, 2010

GREAT NEWS for Crist, Meek! Cheney Endorsed Rubio!

According to CNN, Cheney has endorsed Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist:

"Washington is broken and Congress is already overflowing with politicians who need pollsters to tell them what to think," Cheney said of Crist. "It certainly doesn't need another one. Now more than ever America needs leaders with the strength of conviction."

Why is this great news?

Because Cheney is a loser: so far his choices have failed miserably.

Cheney endorsed Kay Baily Hutchinson against Rick Perry last November. FAIL. (Perry beat her by 21 points).

Cheney came out strongly for McCain and stumped for him the November before. EPIC FAIL.

Cheney endorsed blocking the healthcare reform bill. YET ANOTHER FAIL.

Cheney endorsed Secretary of State Trey Grayson over eye surgeon Rand Paul for the upcoming Kentucky Senate primary. Paul is currently CRUSHING him 42-27 percent! UPCOMING EPIC FAIL!

Now the Undislosed Location, Fear-mongering, Waterboarder in Chief has endorsed wingnut idiot Marco Rubio (who by the way, is under IRS and FBI investigation for criminal wrong doing) for Florida Senate!

FINALLY, some good news for Crist and better news for liberal candidate Meek!

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