Friday, April 23, 2010

Excellent Question! Where ARE the teabagger protests for Wall Street Reform?

Excellent Question that was asked today.

Soo where are the signs of GOP leader Mitch McConnell with a Hitler mustache trying to thwart an END to taxpayer bailouts??

Where are the signs demanding the GOP fights to end the OUTRAGEOUS multi-million dollar bonuses to incompetent and corrupt executives using TAXPAYER monies???

Nowhere. Because the teabaggers are nothing but usable shills who have no corporate backing, and no free bus rides to help fight save the profits of a big industry. They will fall by the wayside and sit on their hands while BIG GOVERNMENT continues to give taxpayer subsidies to these failures. If there is any example of socialism in this country, it's Wall Street!

If they succeed, they keep their monies. If they fail, WE bail them out snd subsidize their lifestyle that they have grown acccustomed to. That, my friends, is the worst kind of socialism. (Whereas if we fail, it's capitalism so don't ask for a handout buddy!!)

Where are all you costumed freaks with your misspelled agitated signs??

thought so...

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