Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fill out your Census Forms..No You Won't Be in Concentration Camps

Four years ago, the GOP was screaming that the government SHOULD be able to look into your medical records AND listen to your phonecalls. Local moron Bud Hedinger got into a shouting match with a caller on his show asking what he was so upset about. So what if they listened? He argued that because the caller wanted a private conversation with his "Aunt Tilly", he was putting us all at risk for terrorism.

That's right. If you disagreed with the trampling of Constitutional Rights, you were a terrorist-loving America hater.

Fast forward today.

NOW, a legitimate census form that is MANDATED by the Constitution has the fringe is screaming could lead to concentration camps (Yes, Teabag Congresswoman Bachman did make that claim), deportation, even gay marriage somehow.

MAN. What a difference a few years and a new president makes.

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  1. Yeah, except our president actually won the election...