Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Bunning Matters...

Jim Bunning (R-KY) is FREAKING rich. He is a multi-millionaire. He made millions in baseball, as a shady politician, and through a corrupt “Charity” he runs where he is the biggest recipient of the funds it receives. And he takes care of his multi-millionaire buddies. He never met a tax cut for the superwealthy, big oil, and big polluters that he didn’t like. Reecently, the SOB voted NO on restoring the pre-2001 tax rate for people earning over $1 million a year, adding hundreds of billions to our stretched deficit... helping those who need it the least.

Funny. No crowing about how we should be paying for that...

But 1.1 million people aren’t rich. So he literally said the words, “Tough shit”, right on the House floor when it was brought to his attention that his lone obstruction will cause those people to lose their unemployment benefits. Not to mention the health insurance COBRA, highway funding, medicare doctor paments, and flood insurance that are a part of the bill. (Side note, Department of Transportation will have to basically shut down and its employees furloughed).

So here's the deal. A family of four may get 227 bucks a week to survive. Real food, rent, and medicine. Jim says tough.

Reid even promised Bunning he'd bring up his amendment for a vote. Not good enough. Bunning said he “knew it would not get the amount of votes necessary to pay for it.”

But that wasn’t the worst of it. The fact that people will soon quite literally be thrown out on the streets, or not be able to pay for groceries, or not get the measly crumbs enough to get by just to survive for another week....this was all met with the Bunning whining.

He actually had the gall to complain about missing the “Kentucky-South Carolina game that started at 9, and it was the only redeeming chance we had to beat South Carolina this year."

Un. FUCKING..believable.

If there ever was a "Come to Jesus" moment for America on what the GOP thinks about regular Americans, this is it. They are fighting tooth and nail AGAINST millions of Americans from getting health care, have fought tooth and nail FOR deficit sucking tax giveaways to the richest of the rich, and now are sitting by the sidelines or even tacitly encouraging this.
The tea partiers and conservatives regard Bunning as a hero.

Redstate is angry that more Senators aren’t joining Bunning.

Conservative talk radio is hailing him a hero. And the right-wing blogs give the standard fare:

its about time someone stood up to these reckless fools, i barley make enough to pay my bills but i still choose to work instead. Mr. Bunning thank you, your a good man.

Get off your ASS and find a Job!! There are Jobs out there, so find one...I tried of paying for these dead beats! The economy is no where near as bad as the media makes it out to be. I own my own IT consulting business and I'm so busy I had to hire 6 new people!!

Good job!!!! Get back to work. Pay for your own health insurance. Quite crying you leeches.

make all the illegals who have took all the jobs pay taxes and raise taxes on all imports, problem solved

These are the thoughts of those who support the GOP agenda, and the thoughts of those conservatives in Congress right now..who can’t just come out and say it. But that is why they are silent about this. They agree with Bunning, they just don’t want to come out and say it. But actions speak louder than words. Bottom line: the deficit only matters when it concerns helping regular Americans. Not their wealthy brethren.

Democrats in Washington. I implore you...START SCREAMING ABOUT THIS! Fan out to the talk shows you love to visit and demand answers from the GOP. Invite Bunning and that idiot Bob Corker why they think the suffering are just a bunch of lazy bums. EVERY single time they pretend to speak for Americans and say they don’t want health care... remind them that according to them they didn’t want unemployment help either. MAKE them stand up for this!

This is true conservatism on display. It’s out there for every single American to see in all of it’s aristocratic ugliness. And if the Democrats can’t or won’t even make an issue out of this...if they are unable and unwilling to stop allowing the GOP to claim they are the party speaking for “ordinary” Americans AFTER THIS...then what hope do we have to claim the high ground on ANY issue facing us today? How do we expect to win elections in 2010?

Furthermore, IF we can’t use this to argue that the GOP is hell-bent on obstruction, that the government is broken and we need to break this ridiculous cycle to move our agenda forward, then we never will.

That is why Bunning matters.

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