Monday, February 01, 2010

Crist Is Going To Pull a Joe Lieberman

Fresh from Rasmussen:

Charlie Crist (R) 37 (43)
Marco Rubio (R) 49 (43)


My liberal friends outside the state are telling me that Crist may want to consider running as a Democrat. I can tell you that he would not be accepted as a Democrat by Florida voters and would lose the Dem primary as well.

Here's what I do know...Charlie's whole purpose in life is to run for higher office. It's all he knows and all he does. (It certainly isn't governing or doing the job he currently holds). So Charlie is going to do exactly what Joe Lieberman did back in 2006.

He is going to try to make a go of it in his party primary.

He is going to lose.

He is going to declare that his fate will not be determined by a few party zealots and run as an independent.

Between Rubio and Meek, he may pull it off. He would be the Republican Joe Lieberman.

He has been God-awful in every post he's had, but in the Senate, where you don't actually have to govern or manage anything...just vote on bills, he might be tolerable as an independent. It would be interesting to see him for once in his life NOT pandering to whatever party is ahead in the polls.

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