Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Witty Responses to the Bush Billboard MISS ME YET?

How many of you have seen this?

The massive corruption, lying, criminal behavior and incompetence that led to the mess we are in. And the wingnuts expect US to be nostalgic for him?

Here are some witty responses, compliments of my fellow kossacks at DKos...

No, but the next hurricane will make me nostalgic.

No, but I do miss our budget surplus.

Bin Laden: YES, this new guy Barack actually wants to catch me

Clearly this guy does:

Every time so far…

Like a bad rash

Me, No. But someone from your village called…

No, but Al Qaeda sure does…

No, but I do sure miss the Word Trade Center…

Yes, but only because Cheney is no longer at an undisclosed location

Yes, but I'm reloading. (the billboard of course)

Hell No

I miss my job.

Yes...said the Oil Companies.

Only at the Hague

Missing Unaccomplished

Like a pretzel

Ask your Guard unit

Of course! Times were good under him ~~Al Qaeda recruiter

No, but I'm suddenly reminded to clean the litter box

Throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering?-TR

And you are?

No, we have Sarah Palin to make fun of now

Not really, you are always on the cover of Mad magazine

Ask the soldier that took your place, coward

Didn’t finish reading My Pet Goat?

YES, let me get my other shoe.

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