Monday, February 15, 2010

No Health Care Reform? Blame Malia and her dumb flute!

Of all the reasons HCR failed, I found this one from the New York Times to be the dumbest...

IT is no secret that President Obama desperately wants Congress to pass legislation to overhaul health care. But last month, when Mr. Obama convened Congressional Democratic leaders at the White House for a marathon negotiating session, another priority intervened.

His 11-year-old daughter, Malia, had a band recital.

Thus did the president of the United States ditch his own health care talks — temporarily, at least — to slip off to Sidwell Friends School for a few hours to listen to Malia play the flute.

WHO is outraged by this? The so-called right-wing Family Values crowd:

“People elect you not to be a good family man, they elect you to fix their problems, and that’s the cold-hearted reality of it,” said John Feehery, a Republican political strategist. “And all those folks on the Hill, they’ve left all their families at home; they don’t have the luxury of skipping back home in the middle of the meeting to catch their daughter’s recital"


Yeah! That's why we don't have Health Care Reform! F&^%ing Flute Recitals!!

It had NOTHING to do with every single Republican obstructing reform! Or initiating a fillibuster on EVERY SINGLE PIECE of legislation for the first time in history for the sole reason of grinding this country to a halt because they want Obama to fail!

Newflash, FEEhery...Family Values means more than just hating gay people.

It means, God-forbid, spending time with your family. There is no reason the most powerful person in the world can't take an hour to see his daughter's flute recital...if you were really that damn concerned, you would tell you GOP brethren to negotiate in good faith and MAYBE we would have solutions to these massive REPUBLICAN-caused problems!!

I've heard all kinds of stupid from the GOP, but blaming their obstruction and their problems on Malia takes stupid to a whole new level.

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  1. I disagree Mark. Healthcare is a right in every industrialized, civilized society except the United States. I think we need a better strategy for our HC needs than what you recommend. Things is, we COULD cover every person in the United States without adding a dime to our deficit. We have the MOST inefficient system in the world...we spend more on healthcare than any country but we don't cover 43 million of our citizens.