Sunday, December 13, 2009

Paula Dockery Is Our Joke

I watched her speech announcing her campaign. It's pretty tough to mount a campaign when the only thing you are known for is being hell-ben on killing a popular project like SunRail. But you know her campaign is in trouble when she spent her whole speech railing against unethical political practices--only to thank our local corrupt gadfly Doug Guetzloe for getting her into the race.

Thankfully, SunRail passed. Her opposition to SunRail, this time, was that it didn't go where people wanted, like "DisneyWord" or the "airport". Yeah. Because THAT is where Central Floridians want to go. Let's face facts: she attacks SunRail because Jeb Bush overturned the amendment that approved the high-speed rail project and instead supported SunRail, and that cost her husband millions.

Not much of a campaign slogan, but what else has the Florida GOP got going on these days.


  1. Politicians (leaders) who can only say NO lack vision to lead. Without Vision we are blind...and this article says it all. Dockery, unlike her father, is not a leader but is an anarchist.