Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conservatives!! Stop the Lies & Hypocrisy on Health Care Reform!

This started as a comment to a GOPer but I decided to make it a post. First off, STOP LYING!

YOU WILL NOT GO TO JAIL if you don't have health insurance!

My God, how desperate are you?

There will be no death panels, no pulling the plug on grandma, and rest assured that there is nothing in this bill that will destroy the all powerful insurance companies--trust me, you conservatives have ensured that their interests are well protected.

And to the GOPers who say that they don't believe in government interference or higher deficit spending...let me school you.

The Medicare Part D Plan, which gave subsidies to drug companies for seniors, (but won't allow the government to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors--genius), is the largest government interference in decades...orchestrated entirely by REPUBLICANS!!

It cost $1.2 TRILLION, not the $848 billion cost of the Senate bill.. and unlike the Senate bill working it's way through, the Medicare Part D Bush bill was funded ENTIRELY THROUGH DEFICIT SPENDING!!

The House and Senate HCR bill are both deficit-neutral--a requirement from Obama. The nonpartisan CBO actually says they both SAVE money. Unlike the Bush bill, where not only was it thrown onto the deficit... Bush officials threatened to fire Medicare's chief actuary if he shared honest cost estimates with Congress!

The hypocrisy is sickening. They don't give a damn about government interference or deficit spending. They also didn't give a damn about seniors...they did this to get their votes. But the GOP doesn't care if there is a health care crisis. The uninsured probably won't vote screw them!

The GOP does not want a bill that will save lives because they don't want anything perceived as a Democratic victory. They will stop at nothing, even delaying funding for our troops, in order to kill this because their own sad politics are more important to them than their constituents.

Ask them, what is their answer to health care insurance premiums RISING 10% every single year? Answer: Screw ' long as we can say we screwed Obama.

Your GOP at work.

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  1. Bless you Alena! I have met a few SemDem fans at political events and rallies and it's always a treat!

    Keep fighting!