Saturday, October 03, 2009

The real story of yesterday's defeat...

When Bush was fucking up our country for 8 years,
when he was shredding the Constitution with illegal MASSIVE wiretaps on ordinary Americans,
when he was breaking every treaty we had with every country,
when he turned his back on our forefathers and condoned, even promoted, torture,
when he spent nearly a trillion dollars in a made-up war with Iraq, the bulk of which went to corrupt cronies or was just lost,
when he turned our glorious nation into a pariah state,

we were told by the GOP wingnuts that any dissent at all amounted to treason...

we were told we must want the terrorists to win...

we were told that we hated America.

Fast forward to yesterday, October 2, 2009. The media is trying its best to spin the story that Rio's win is Obama's embarrassment. Some, like FAUX News, are even trying to spin this as Obama's fault...even though a hundred speeches to Copenhagen wouldn't have changed the result.

The pundits are saying we should want to try to put this day behind us.

I say just the opposite.

We should use this day to beat their smug heads in. Because that is the day that the rethugs showed their true colors.

It is the first day they OPENLY cheered for America's defeat.

I have read blog posts on experiences that were similar to mine--people at a McDonald's I was at (which plays FAUXNEWS) cheered and high-fived when the announcement came that we lost. The contrast between them and the Americans in Chicago weeping on screen was priceless...I wish I had brought a camera.

America lost. Not Obama. Not Chicago. That was OUR loss. Chicago was just the city selected by the USOC. It represented us. Just as Rio's loss would have been Brazil's. It was OUR loss.

Roland Martin said it best:

So, to all the critics happy about us losing the 2016 games, turn in your flag lapel pins and stop boasting of being so patriotic. When an American city loses, like New York did in the the last go-round, we all lose. And all you critics are on the same level as the America haters all across the world.

Here's the real deal. Any success President Obama has will showcase how miserably Bush and the republicans goverened while they were in power for the past several years.

Screw if it hurts the country. Screw if it kills people.
If our job outlook doesn't improve--that's fantastic!

If Rush's "phony soldiers" are killed in Afghanistan...even better! It's Obama's war now!

If Americans by the millions continue to lose their health insurance and are forced to watch their loved ones die while KNOWING there are procedures out there...screw em!

A terrorist attack validating Cheney...that would be the BESTEST EVER!

America fails...HaHaHaHa (Actual quote from Erik E. from Redstate).

America failing isn't just the hope of these bastards, THEY ARE COUNTING ON IT for their survival and their return to power. Because they know if, God forbid, the Democrats actually find the spine to carry out their solutions to the past 8 years of GOP problems that are currently drowning this nation...then they will never get to return to power again.

Given the choice between America's future and their survival, they have chosen survival... at any cost.

If we had a 24-hour network like the GOP does, this would be the story--not how Chicago's loss is somehow a referendum on Obama.

But unlike the storyline we are being fed from the mainstream media, this should not bee seen as an "embarrassment" that we want to shy away from. It is a validation of who these bastards really are and what their agenda really is.

Let's make sure October 2, 2009 is a day that we won't let them forget...

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