Tuesday, October 13, 2009

30 GOP Senators Think Rape is Okay

Not an exaggeration...Al Franken introduced a bill to ensure this never happens again. 30 Republicans voted against it. There is no reason, no excuse.

Why does no one know about this? Why aren't the Democrats running ads? Why do we have to rely on motivated progressives?

Why is the GOP still considered a legitimate party?

In 2005, Jamie Leigh Jones was an employee for a private contractor in Iraq. She was drugged and brutally raped by her co-workers.

When she reported the crime to her employer, she was imprisoned in a shipping container. Given no food, water, or medical treatment. 24 hours later, US Embassy agents rescued her.

Her employer destroyed evidence so that she could not file criminal charges. They claimed that the contract she signed with them meant that she couldn't even take them to civil court.

In 2009, the Senate voted to not fund companies which force their employees to forfeit their rights to sue for sexual assault or harassment.

Thirty Senators voted against this amendment. All of them republican.

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