Thursday, October 01, 2009

Democrats Deserve To Lose

I remember those dark years of 2002-2006. The GOP got everything they wanted, and the Democrats were helpless to stop them. Giant tax cuts for the wealthy and Big Oil, revision of our bankruptcy laws WRITTEN BY THE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES that prevented you from declaring bankruptcy even if it was due to OBSCENE medical bills or costs incurred from serving your country overseas, giant spending bills that only helped crony corporations screwing us in Iraq, and so on and so forth.

The Democrats could do nothing. They whined and cried that the GOP had such a huge majority in the House and 55 seats in the Senate. The GOP perfected their 50+1. We couldn't stop them. IF ONLY we had a slight majority.

Americans were fed up. In 2006, the Democrats retook the House. Mild reforms were passed, like the minimum wage, but the country was thrilled that we weren't being completely screwed by the GOP anymore. And America was patient with the Democrats because the Democrats whined...if only we were a little bigger, and if ONLY we didn't have BUSH in the White House to veto everything. THEN things could get done.


Americans were so fed up, that in 2008 we got everything we could want. A DEMOCRATIC president. A SUPERMAJORITY! FILLIBUSTER-PROOF 60! UNSTOPPABLE, we were told. NOW we could really get things to change...

Except, no.

No government negotiated drug prices, no timeline for Iraq, no environmental reform, no energy bill.

No public option. (Maybe in reconciliation, but I won't hold my breath).

Democrats, what the fuck.

What the hell is the point? What was that giant mandate for? WHY are you so spineless and stupid?



Start acting like a majority and pass the damn reforms you were put in office to do!

America elected you so you could put DEMOCRATIC solutions to these REPUBLICAN screw-ups! Not allow Republicans, who just want to get back in power, to stop all reforms and all bills. They haven't conceded anything, yet you have conceded everything in a futile effort to be "bi-partisan". That only works if the other side is interested in working with YOU! They are not! They are not interested in fixing any of their mess! They just want YOU to lose!!

Now I hear some Senators saying they won't vote for anything unless the GOP is on board. Well, f me.... Now we are told that we can't do anything with a supermajority and control of both the executive and legislative.

Folks, we could have 99 Senate seats and all the House seats, and we still wouldn't pass anything...because they would cower in fear of the lone GOP Senator.

Don't expect us to bust our tails or give our hard earned dollars to help next cycle. You will lose seats, but not because of GOP ideas or GOP resurgence, it will be because Democrats and Independents have just given up on you.

Take it away, Stewart....
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