Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PRIMARY DAY! Vote and ensure you are registered!

No shenanigans in Florida this time. Go and vote today--if anything, it will let you know that you are ready to vote in the General Election this November.

If you are in Feeney's specially-carved district, PLEASE vote for Suzanne Kosmas. the Daytona Beach paper endorsed her recently and expressed why Feeney is so wrong:

Recent votes show how extreme and out of step Feeney is with his more moderately conservative district. He voted against a bill strengthening prohibitions against pay discrimination (it passed the House, 247-178). He voted against the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act that strengthens federal regulations of tobacco products (it passed, 326-102, with 96 Republicans in favor). He opposed a bill strengthening and expanding President Bush's 2003 AIDS initiative with accountability provisions (it passed, 303-115, with 75 Republicans in favor). He opposed the 2008 Foreclosure Prevention Act (it passed, 272-152, with 45 Republicans in favor). And he opposed a highway bill strengthening infrastructure inspection standards (it passed, 367-55, with 137 Republicans in favor).

All that just in the second half of July. Feeney's six years in Congress follow the same pattern. He's not just anti-government. He's anti governance. Set aside charges of corruption that have dogged Feeney (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington ranks him among the 22 most corrupt members of Congress) and the pride he takes in his abrasive partisanship. Just on his votes and his poor record of constituent services, the case to replace this incumbent builds itself.

Vote for Suzanne and let's get Seminole County back on a winning team!

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