Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seminole Paster Delivers Benediction at DNC

I teach at, as well as worship at, Northland Church here at Longwood.

The Rev. Joel Hunter was invited to give the Benediction at the DNC. His mega-church here is a testament to his brand of Christianity, which is the model that Jesus teaches in the New Testament.

I know that the Son of Man would be appalled at fake prophets who twist His Word to justify hate towards others and enrich themselves. He is the new breed of Christian, like the Rev. Warren, who believes that Christians are defined by what we do and what we are for--not just what we are against (re: abortion and gays). His kind is the antidote for the hate that falsely defined Christianity--mostly stemming from the former Falwell and Pat Robertson. Evangelical Christians are giving Obama the chance he needs, and like my church, I couldn't be more proud.

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