Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who McCain Won't Pick

I know who McCain won't pick.

Romney, Pawlenty, Lieberman, or Ridge.

I say that now so I can say I told you so.

He won't pick Romney because he wouldn't be able to paint Obama as an elitist. Romney, like McCain, has an obscene amount of money. Romney is also a flip-flop on everything who will say anything to be elected--McCain knows this and doesn't trust him.

Pawlenty? Paw-lease. Biden would chew him up and spit him out at a debate. McCain already can't match Biden on foreign policy credentials--so what's smiley gonna do? Besides, Minnesota is just not going to be in play. There's nothing there, dudes.

Lieberman--he would LOVE to have him. He's his buddy and a fellow "maverick" (if you read "maverick" as back-stabbing traitor who is one of the few remaining cultists who insist Iraq is a rainbow castle dreamland filled with chocolately goodness instead of the corrupt, trillion-dollar sucking bloodbath). Of course, his GOP Masters won't allow this. Lieberman votes a LOT with the Democrats and the GOP hates him. (Something we have in common.)

Same with Ridge. Even though Ridge is qualified, he doesn't have that "ideology". And if there is one thing you need, it's "ideology".

W was brimming with it. Even though he didn't (and still doesn't) have anything else. (Quick aside: and the GOP has the audacity to criticize Obama as not prepared? W was the least experienced in history--and unlike Obama, he reads, he can put a coherent sentence together, and doesn't make major foreign policy decisions based on his "gut". But then again, Obama wouldn't read a children's book when we are attacked, or eat cake when a major city drowns, or...ya know, it's just easier to say fucking idiots and leave it at that.)

I would be impressed if McCain would pick Ridge, but that would take principle-and he has flip-flopped on every major "principle" he's had--huge tax cuts, pork, even torture. ANYTHING to get the GOP to love (back) him.

He needs someone who is conservative enough for the conservatives but just independent enough for those independents foolish enough to think he's one of them.

My guess is someone like Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

what do you think?