Sunday, July 27, 2008

Outrageous Attack Ad. So much for Honor, Mr. McCain.

John McSame is one desperate somma bitch.

Obama had the most successful visit to the Middle East and Europe, including an electrifying speech that captivated the largest audience ever for an American politician. (It was nice to see Europe waving American flags again.)

So McComplain decided to resort to the Rovian GOP playbook--smear. His latest ad launches a false attack against Barack Obama for "ignoring our troops" to play basketball. Nevermind that it actually includes footage of Barack Obama playing basketball with our troops on his recent trip to Kuwait, in order to make its point. And nevermind that he visited wounded troops in Iraq.

It was the Pentagon that pulled the plug on the hospital visit. They claimed that this was not only "inappropriate", but violated DoD rules. The Pentagon spokesman even quoted Obama advisor Gibbs a DoD regulation about campaign staff visiting a hospital.

Rather than going back and forth on whether his own presence was a campaign event, and subjecting the wounded troops to this mess, he agreed to cancel. Three weeks ago, it was fine.

This was a no win situation for Obama. If he fought the Pentagon, he would be attacked for not listening to DoD leaders and using wounded troops as a campaign prop. If he respected the Pentagon's wishes, --well, you can see the fallout.

John Mccain has no trouble, however, using the troops as a political football. But just keep in mind, it was JOHN MCCAIN that stood with George Bush in opposing our new GI Bill.

Someone else put it better than me:

...a bill that was supported overwhelmingly by Democrats and Republicans alike, and meant to give our returning men and women all the benefits they deserve. John Mccain said it was "too generous".

Barack Obama stood with our troops. John Mccain stood with George Bush.

I love you Barack, but it's time to quit playing nice. McSame has nothing to run on, so he is resorting to smears. All of his new ads are extremely negative, and they get more extreme and more false each cycle. Apparently, you personally are to blame for the high gas prices-- (the administration with the most oil executives ever, however, has nothing to do with it). And apparently, you hate wounded troops.

McCain no longer deserves to have the word "honorable" before his name.

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