Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obama leads in Florida

46 to 44 percent. It's tight, but compared to where he was just a month ago--he's made up a lot of ground.

All McSame has left is fear and smear. None of his new ads have anything on what McSame will do once in office, (hint--more of the same), so they all smear Obama. We tried 1.3 trillion tax cuts for the wealthy and big oil. We tried spurning all our allies and going it alone on the war on terror. We tried running a war by ourselves--breaking our military and our budget.

We tried the GOP way for the past seven years. How has that worked out for you? There is not an issue that Bush hasn't f***ed up. How much worse can things get?

Don't fear change, because we desperately need it!! Florida, don't let me down...

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  1. Florida has suffered tremendously, I am shocked it is not a landslide against McCain.