Monday, July 21, 2008

Whistleblower: Diebold Rigged GA Election

Click here to see the description of Seminole's voting apparatus. Verfied voting lists county by county and state by state what everyone does and if there is a verified paper trail, audits, etc.

Of course, we use the untrustworthy Diebold.

A whistle-blower has come forward with a shocking allegation of election tampering. This isn't some fruitcake. The whistleblower is one of the most prominent cyber-security experts in the country who has appeared on both CNN and ABC News. He is also a prominent Republican who served as a McCain advisor. But at an Ohio press conference last Thursday, he presented fresh evidence against Diebold regarding election fraud.

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  1. At least we have a paper trail here in Seminole, I'm worried about elsewhere.