Wednesday, October 03, 2007

GOP Candidates Support Bush VETO on Health Care for Millions of Poor Children

You have to wonder what planet the rethug candidates are on.

How else can they be on the polar-opposite side of America (86 percent to be exact) and Congress on such an important issue.

Do you know how hard it is to override a veto?? But already, the Democrats have enough to do just that with the Senate and are a few votes shy in the House.

That speaks VOLUMES.

I expect insanity from Bush. He wants no money for health benefits for children, the troops, or life-saving research. (The money he says is "too much" is only a percentage, however, of what is given to shady contracters like Halliburton and Blackwater.)

What I didn't expect is that the Republican candidates for president support his veto. My question is, who do they think they are pandering to?

The fiscal conservatives? No Dice. First of all, 12 billion a week in Iraq is not sound fiscal policy. But Bush is hardly fiscally responsible. As Kerry put it:
This is the same guy who never met a Republican spending bill he couldn’t sign. Not one. $300 million bridge to nowhere? Pass the pork. Half-trillion dollars on the road to quagmire in Iraq? Bring it on. But a few billion a year for health care for millions of kids? Forget it.

Families? Nope, they support it. Doctors? Hospitals? Nope, they support it as well. GOP Governors? Nope, they strongly support it!! Insurance companies? No, they support it to!

Think about it. Only a very "unique" person can justify spending hundreds of thousands a minute in Iraq while saying you have to deny millions of children doctors' visits or medicine they desperately need at a minimal cost.

As a doctor, I've seen our country's health care crisis first-hand.
I've seen parents that have to wait for their kids to get dangerously sick before they could take them to a doctor. I've seen parents struggle over important medical care decisions because they didn't know how to pay for it. And I've seen parents left in poverty because they had no other choice.

Take action: Bush is no longer accountable, but Congress still is. Put in your zip code (for Winter Springs, its 32708-5312) and let the GOP obstructionists know that if if they can't even do the right thing on something almost everyone agrees on, then they need to step aside.

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