Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Most Insecure Superpower Ever

Bill Maher makes sense:

In his new ad Mitt Romney warns us that Islamic terrorists are the worse threat we've ever faced. More then the Nazis? The Russians? The Red Coats?

He warns us that they want to establish an Islamic nation, to cover the whole world, including America. Well I want to be adopted by Angelina Jolie.

And you thought that people that were scared of gays and Mexicans were paranoid. Islamic terrorist taking over America, they can barely get across the monkey bars. Our defense budget is $600 billion a year. They're using guns they took off a dead Soviet in 1981. I think we can hold Charleston....

We are the largest and most powerful nation on the earth. The largest economy and the largest military. And we are made to act the fool by a few thousand cave dwellers who still put out their videos on VHS.

And that is the problem. Because of the incompetence that goes by the name George Bush we have become the most insecure superpower ever. We can't get anything right anymore. We can't take care of our own citizens after a hurricane, or plan for a war, or maintain our infrastructure, and our celebrity rehab facilities need some work.

As a species we are failing at survival trick number one. Prioritize the threats.

Environmental ruin is going to visit all of us in the coming decades in one way or another and when it does, I hope people like .... I don't know Lou Dobbs says to himself maybe if I was going to spend my whole career obsessing about one issue it should have been ... I don't know, global warming. My skin just fell off my face and what do you know, it really wasn't the fault of a Mexican.

Maybe Bush and his followers think we must be so frightened of terrorists that we need to shred our Constitution and surrender our freedoms---I don't

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