Monday, October 15, 2007

Daily Show Does Skit for Seminole Democrat!

I post under the name SemDem on DailyKos. I have gotten several recommended diaries this year, which is very humbling because they are read by thousands and read by prominent people. The last diary that was recommended caused a controversy because I entitled it Lynne Cheney Storms Off Daily Show. My thoughtful rebuttals of Lynne's arguments on the show were lost because everyone was focused on the title - (now I know how MoveOn felt).

It was plainly obvious to me that she stormed out. However, many people thought that I "smeared" Lynne Cheney and insisted that she did not storm off at the end. Since the majority thought I was wrong, I changed the title.

This caused heated arguments over the threads.

I still contend that she stormed off, and I felt vindicated by a skit on the Daily Show the very next day. Jon Stewart not only addressed it--he had a funny skit of where Lynne went on the commercial break.

HA! I said. VINDICATION! Some of the readers were unconvinced, however, and told me that the Daily Show probably did that skit because of my recommended diary. RIGHT! Like Jon Stewart or his writers would ever read one of my freakin' diaries!! YOU LOST< I WON, DEAL WITH IT!

Then I noticed these emails in my inbox. Just now.

A representative from the Daily Show contributed links the day I posted the diary that were meant for me to post in order for viewers to draw their own conclusions.

Then, the next day, Michelle Shildkret of 360i "on behalf of Comedy Central" forwarded me a skit the MOMENT it aired on the Daily Show:


I wrote you yesterday, sending over the interview vids from Lynne Cheney’s appearance.

Due to the controversy surrounding her departure, The Daily Show has just released footage of what happened during the commercial break:

I hope that clears everything up for you and your readers. Indecision 2008 always aims to set the record straight. Please let me know if I can send over anything else.

Thanks so much!


Michelle Shildkret

360i on behalf of Comedy Central

OKAY, the writers did notice the diary--and apparently decided to do a skit about it.

Wow. I need to learn to check my email more often.


  1. Congrats, SemDem. I saw your diary on DailyKos before I saw the show. When I finally saw that night's show, I didn't think she actually stormed off as you perceived it, but it was still hilarious the way the daily show put together that skit the next night. :-)
    --newzie :-)

  2. I thought she did storm off! Don't know if it was because JS asked about her daughter or if he made her look like an ass saying that the London and Madrid bombings were not "American Interests".