Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baghdad Bob McCain Touts Success 1 Day before ATTACK

I think I will retract my previous dailykos diary that claims McCain will be the GOP nominee.

As you’ve no doubt already heard, he “jumped the shark” two days ago by staging a photo-op at a Baghdad marketplace subjected to massive car bombings, like the one in February that killed 71 people, to prove that Iraq is now safe and sound due to his surge. (Despite the inconvenient fact that the death toll has risen). According to McCain, we weren't getting the "full story" from the liberal media. That's all.

McCain’ idiot non-savant sidekick, GOP Congressman Mike Pence, who now can replace Dan Quayle as the dumbest politician to come from Indiana, actually compared the market they visited as:

"a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime."

I guess this is an indication of how Congressman Mike Pence would handle terrorist attacks on flea markets in Indiana: Don a flak jacket and claim the true problem isn’t the terrorists, it’s the liberal media failing to report on how many people weren’t killed by car bombs.

The charade required 100 US troops to secure the area as well as helicopter protection--not like they have something better to do than to provide cover for a photo-op.

ONE DAY LATER, yesterday, snipers attacked the very same marketplace.

No wonder those Hoosiers do most of their shopping by Internet...

UPDATE: ONe of my readers sent me this:
The latest massacre of Iraqi children came as 21 Shia market workers were ambushed, bound and shot dead north of the capital.

The victims came from the Baghdad market visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress.

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  1. Here was McCain parading along with a company of 100 U.S. Marines, rooftop snipers, armored vehicles, in body armor, with a contingent of both Apache and Blackhawk helicopters ready to suppress any sort of expression of resistance, and McCain was insisting it was safer than ever. Even as reporters called him on his rather vain display of puffery backed up by 100 US Marines.

    Why didn't McCain settle for the normal 2 to 6 Blackwater guard security detail, the typical diplomatic contingent of security? These mercenaries of Armageddon earning $1,500 a day or more weren't good enough for him? The facts of his very large security 'detail' bely his contention in an even larger way.

    Call him a rank coward and dead weight for stealing Marines away from missions that might have helped preserve the lives of a few average Iraqis, protect a hospital or school, or vital infrastructure.

  2. That stunt risked lives, risked destruction of 5 extremely high priced pieces of military equipment and cost the taxpayers hugh amounts of money. Using the resources of the military as political fodder for personal gain is the kindest description of his actions.