Saturday, April 21, 2007

WHO is cutting off funding??

I was furious when I found out that GOP Congressmen, supported by the Bush administration, visited Syria right before Nancy Pelosi, while another accompanied her to Syria. Nary a word from Nancy, other high-ranking Dems, or the media on the hypocrisy of the Bushies bashing Nancy for doing the same thing they support GOP members doing.

And it is happening AGAIN. I keep hearing the right-wing wacko pundits, along with the Dynamic Dumbasses of Bush and Cheney, crying to everyone that Democrats want to cut off funding for the troops in Iraq.

Here's the score folks:

The Democrats sent Bush a funding bill worth over a hundred BILLION dollars to continue funding his misguided adventure! Just this time, instead of the blank check he is used to getting, it requires strategic withdrawals beginning 120 days out--which is MORE than enough time to give his so-called "surge" the chance to work. Experts outside and inside the White House say we should know by summer's end anyway; although everyone outside the White House (besides Baghdad Bob McCain) has already stated the obvious---it's too little, too late.

And by the way, this IS what the AMERICAN people are demanding. Don't they get a say in this?

Bush is threatening to VETO funding for the troops. Draft-dodgers Bush and Cheney have already showed thier contempt by cutting off funding for their benefits, exposing them to predatory lenders, allowing them to fight without the support and armor they needed, and then allowing them to be treated in squalor when they inevitably got hurt as a result. Not to mention (mis)leading them into war based on lies and forcing them to stay to moderate a civil war for no other reason than to save face.

So, my fellow Dems, I ask you-- why the hell are WE being stuck with the cutting off funding label?? Why isn't our leadership screaming on the Sunday talk shows that it is Bush/Cheney who will be cutting off funding for refusing to change their failed strategy?

The GOP has showed that Loud and Wrong always trumps Weak and Right. But Loud and Right wins every hand. We have the Right part, how about the rest?

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