Friday, March 23, 2007


Loyalty to a manipulated moron in the White House takes precedent over loyalty to our troops in GOPland.

The Republican members of the House Appropriations Committee unanimously opposed ensuring that our troops sent to Iraq are properly prepared for their mission and protected with armor ONCE AGAIN! See Kango X's diary with a shocking video here:

Here's the list, including our own people:

Alabama: Robert Aderholt
California: John Doolittle and Jerry Lewis
Florida: Ander Crenshaw, Dave Weldon and C.W. "Bill" Young
Georgia: Jack Kingston
Idaho: Michael K. Simpson
Illinois: Mark Steven Kirk and Ray LaHood
Iowa: Tom Latham
Kansas: Todd Tiahrt
Kentucky: Harold Rogers
Louisiana: Rodney Alexander
Michigan: Joe Knollenberg
Mississippi: Roger Wicker
Missouri: Jo Ann Emerson
Montana: Dennis Rehberg
New Jersey: Rodney Frelinghuysen
New York: James Walsh
Ohio: Ralph Regula and David Hobson
Pennsylvania: John Peterson
Tennessee: Zach Wamp
Texas: John Carter, John Culberson and Kay Granger
Virginia: Virgil Goode and Frank Wolf

Hang in there guys. 2008 is coming around the corner!

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  1. AFter slashing their benefits and letting them stew in their own urine in shody hospitals, and after voting against giving them the tools and armor they need, why the hell does anyone ever say the GOP supports the troops! As a vet, I hate every one of them! I rip off those damn yellow magnets wehn I see that they are next to a Bush sticker.