Friday, March 09, 2007

NYC Firefighters say "Hell No" to Guiliani

It's bad enough for his campaign that conservatives don't like him, hence probably why this story got picked up just now from FAUXNEWS. (I visit so you won't have to). But at least Rudy had that whole credibility thing with 9/11 and would parade around in a firefighter's jacket.

Not so damn fast.

Essentially, the International Association of Firefighters were going to invite all the major presidential candidates to their forum, but specifically left out Rudy Guiliani because of his decision to "scoop and dump" the victims, reducing the number of rescuers, and arresting 15 firefighters who protested.

The full content of the letter is here

The slam comes at the end:

We have heard from some affiliates that Giuliani's campaign is beginning to reach out to our locals, looking to build support. If you are contacted by Giuliani, Von Essen, or a representative of the Giuliani campaign, we hope you will say not just, "No," but, "Hell no." And please let the IAFF Political Affairs Department know about it by calling (202) 824-1582.

Here's why this is a problem. First, he lost a lot of respect for trashing his wife and alienating his son, although that was not enough to keep many religious conservatives away, (they let Ann Coulter speak for them at their conventions for God's sakes). No, his crime there was not being rabid anti-abortion.

This forced Guiliani to pander to the right, promising to appoint "strict constructionist" judges in the vein of "Scalia and Alito", code for pro-life judges who would do away with Roe. This is lose-lose because the pro-life conservatives don't believe it and pro-choicers who may have voted for him are now edgy with the balance on the Court "one vote away" from overturning Roe.

But Rudy was banking on all of that being overshawdowed by his Person of the Year performance on 9/11, since he is very correct in assuming that America is desperate for good leadership after 7 painful years of a manipulated moron at the helm.

But now these hard allegations are being brought to light that his performance was not as stellar as everyone thought, and if it picks up steam with other first responders across the country, then he will alienate more than just his immediate family on the campaign trail.

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