Sunday, May 03, 2015

"The Least Effective, Most Incompetent Governor in Modern Florida History"

And if yesterday's news weren't bad enough for Rick Scott...check this scathing piece from the Miami Herald, which says, among other things, the following:

"At a time when legislative leaders desperately needed intervention to break a budget deadlock, Scott was far from the action — attending political fund-raisers, casting for jobs in California and dedicating a new amusement park ride in Orlando."

" “I would rank Scott as the least effective, most incompetent governor in modern Florida history,” said Darryl Paulson, professor emeritus of political science at USF St. Petersburg and a registered Republican who has written about Florida politics for 30 years. “Scott was largely absent from the legislative session. He does not understand the process and he is not highly respected even by Republicans in the Legislature.” "

"Scott has a standoffish style. He does not regularly knock on lawmakers’ doors or invite them to the mansion for dinner the way Jeb Bush and other former governors did."

"His reputation for aloofness makes it hard to reach essential compromises with legislators, and Scott paid a price for that. The Senate refused to confirm a dozen of his agency heads, including those who oversee Medicaid, public health, transportation and Ken Detzner, the chief state elections official. As a result, Scott must reappoint them within 45 days."

"All in all, it was the shabbiest treatment Scott has received from the Legislature since he became governor more than four years ago."

Is this any surprise when you elect a lizard to public office?

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