Saturday, May 09, 2015

CO Restaurant: Jun 11 is White Appreciation Day

Thank God somebody is finally giving stuff to my people for a change:

Colorado Restaurant Faces Criticism for Offering Discounts to White Customers

Having all the political power, the overwhelming majority of the nation's wealth, almost all of the corporate executive positions, full media representation and centuries of institutional structure backing I would trade for a second if I could only get a day where people appreciate our paleness.

But at least I will now get 10% off of crappy food from a ultra-dumpy BBQ place for my skin color. So all is better now I guess.

Edgar Antillon, owner of Rubbin Buttz BBQ and Country Café in Milliken, Colorado, is a self-hating Mexican republican. How successful the GOP has been. This awful political party has at its core a mission is to protect the white, powerful ruling class. They have been so successful at shaming and blaming the poorest and most powerless among us for our nation's ills, (black "thugs" and Hispanic "invaders"), that they have apparently created self-hating minorities who buy into "white oppression".

The owner complained about minority history months and said “the least we could do is offer one day to appreciate white Americans.”

The reason we even have any kind of unofficial acknowledgement of minority history is because many school boards DO NOT teach any of it in schools. The only black history I ever read is slavery and civil rights, and even THAT is too much for republicans. There is no "white people" history month is because that is the rest of textbook! I am very familiar with European history and the white people who led our nation. I am also very familiar with each individual nation in Europe. Africa, on the other hand, gets to be one giant conglomerate who few people know much of anything.

Let me ask these people who think we don't need any minority history: Can you tell me the difference between France and Italy? Good. What about Kenya and Nigeria?

Do you know George Washington? Alexander the Great? Do you know what Hitler did? Of course you do.

Do you know anything about the richest man in all of history? Mansa Musa?

What about Shaka Zulu? The Zulu king who united southern Africa?

Do you know who Madame CJ Walker is? How about Severo Ochoa?

Do you know what Cesar Chavez did? Or even who he is?

Didn't ever wonder why US Army victories over American Indians were called "battles", and yet their victories are still called "massacres"?

THAT is why there is a month to try to focus attention on other people in this nation who aren't Caucasian. It isn't trying to, nor is it, take anything away from white people. Rather, the opposite: minorities are just asking for someone to at least acknowledge their rich and cultural history as well. Dear Lord, you are NOT being oppressed because of a non-mandatory acknowledgment that there are other people who contributed to history besides white people.

Anyways, you can see their "white appreciation day" sign on thier facebook page. Naturally, bigots are thrilled about this.

The website they took down, but they are still taking food orders at here and it provides their contact info:


903 Broad St., Milliken, CO 80543

If CO peeps go on June 11 and are not offered a discount because of your skin color, Jennifer McPherson with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies said you can file a complaint.

This is 2015, not 1915. Talk about history repeating itself.


  1. I saw some footage of Scott talking about receiving, I believe, the endorsement of the sheriff's department or something. In any case, I can tell you with near-certainty that he is a tweaker and probably gay. Being gay and a former tweaker myself, I know of what I speak. I'd suggest someone get some of his hair and send it for drug testing.

  2. It is OK, people are good. You sound afraid. It will be OK. All people should be appreciated.