Sunday, April 19, 2015

Latest Corrections Barometer Reading: Low Pressure on the Wrongdoers

The Tampa Bay Times has a look at the calculated inaction by the Scott crony network concerning Florida's current prison crisis. The most telling lowlight: There is no plan to rework contracts with corrupt prison health providers until January 2016.

Why are these inept providers being allowed 7 more months of free ride to profit, while Florida's record inmate deaths continue to climb? You need only guess once:

"Rep. Katie Edwards, D-Plantation, said she blames Florida's weak contracts with the health care companies on the access their high-profile lobbyists have had to the governor and key lawmakers. Bill Rubin, the lobbyist for Wexford, worked for Scott when he was head of the hospital giant HCA and remains influential, and Brian Ballard, lobbyist for Corizon, was head of Scott's political finance committee." 

That wasn't very mysterious, was it? In fact, it's like one of those giant "L" symbols on the weather map!


  1. hey INdie! Guess who made the front page of DKos? (you)