Monday, December 01, 2014

Two Down... (No, Make That Three)

Rick Scott hasn't even officially started his second term yet, but already, he's down one cabinet position. This time it was his head of Corrections, Michael Crews. Though it was billed as a retirement, it seems kind of funny that it happened just as a collection of scandals closed in on Scott's crew member. You know, things like inmate gangs led by prison guards taking over a prison in the Pandhandle, multiple inmate deaths like this one at the hands of sadistic guards, a health care privatization scheme that has a couple of corporate donors of Scott's doing things like treating bone cancer with ibuprofen, a whistleblower suit against Crews and Scott....just another ho hum day for the Scott administration.

Less publicized was the departure of Herschel Vinyard of DEP, who never met a polluter he didn't like. 

And now, just a day after I first wrote this...Scott's DOT secretary resigned, also under a cloud of scandal.

So if you thought Scott's second term would be cleaner than the first, it looks like you were wrong. Instead we can expect more of the same, as Scott guts state agencies to fund corporate tax breaks for corporations like Colt Manufacturing that still haven't brought jobs here after nearly 4 years. (In fact, get this....something I just discovered while writing it looks like Colt is in danger of going belly-up. Now that was a great investment of your tax dollars, wasn't it?)

It would be nice to bring something good out of all of this musical chairs in Scott's cabinet, but about the only thing I can suggest is that maybe we place some odds for who's likely to hit the dirt next. 

Maybe we should start a roulette wheel with all of the Scott's cabinet members on it and spin it to see who resigns next.

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