Monday, December 15, 2014

F U Mark Cuban! You are a Coward!

mark cuban is a rightwing nut. He LOVES Ayn Rand and HATES Net Neutrality.

In typical bagger fashion, he loves to preach about how great 'merica and freedom all is... until it's difficult. With blatant hypocrisy, he gave an interview where he talked up the movie, "The Interview", because freedom. However, when the hyperbolic North Korean hacker group threatened us, he immediately pulled the premiere from his lame movie theater chain.

Seriously, the cognitive dissonance was eye-popping. He went from saying we can't live in fear (when asked about making the movie) to saying he pulled the movie completely out of fear.

I had no intention of watching the film originally, but I don't like people-especially a foreign enemy-telling me what I can and cannot watch. Fuck you. I would have seen it. The first amendment is not just a fucking platitude that you quote for political gamesmanship, which is what conservatives use it for. It quintessentially defines who we are as a nation. It's something Americans live for and many a soldier has died for.

You either believe in what we stand for or you don't. You either stand up to a bully (in this case, a pudgy megalomaniac from a backwards nation) or you cower. They demanded the movie be pulled because they didn't like it--Mark complied. That is the definition of a coward. That is the definition of a conservative. To them, the Constitution is only a document for misquoting to either attack Obama or use on homemade rally signs (along with the prerequisite misspelling).

If you don't think the Constitution is worth standing up for, Mark, then quit referencing it in your nutball tweets. I don't know what you are, Mark Cuban, but you shouldn't be calling yourself an American. You can, however, call yourself a coward.

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