Thursday, January 02, 2014

140+ Reasons Why Rick Scott Must GO!

Yesterday, to ring in the new year, I unveiled something special, and readers of The Seminole Democrat can help make it even better.

At the link at the end of this entry, you’ll find a posting on my own blog, Rick Scott Must Go! It’s a list of 146 non-partisan reasons why Rick Scott deserves to be voted out of office. (They’d also make a nice list for why he deserves to be recalled, if only we had a recall function here…sigh.) I also posted it on my Facebook page.

Why non-partisan?

Because Rick Scott is a menace to the well-being of all Florida citizens – regardless of political views. And those of us who live here and still possess faculties of reason need to unite in spite of partisan differences, and show that someone like Rick Scott will not be tolerated in the governor’s office.

What can you do?

I’m a pretty good researcher. But I’m sure I missed a few things. Please check the list out, and see if you can find any mistakes, or if you can think of anything to add. If you do think of something I can add, please write me at and let me know. I will want some sort of documentation, like you see in the listings now: Preferably from a mainstream Florida media source, like one of the newspapers. 

Also, when you submit something, remember that the list is intended to be non-partisan. Yes, many voters from partisan camps have reason to be angry with Scott; even the Tea Party people (sounds like some alien Grade B movie group, doesn’t it?) are upset with him over a few things by this time. Scott is nothing if not an equal opportunity offender, which is about what you’d expect from someone whose only principles are green and come in denominations. But as I said, all thinking and caring citizens of this state need to unite in purpose if we’re going to unseat this monster. So I prefer to keep the list non-partisan.   (Maybe I can make some “partisan” lists later.)

I’d like to get some feedback for a while, and then see what can be done about getting this listing around. Please accept my thanks in advance for any suggestions!

My thanks, again, to the Seminole Democrat’s My Stupid State series, and the archive at, for providing so much of the material I used to create the listing.


  1. Pretty comprehensive list! some you left out I'm sure because you wanted each one to be seen as a good justification by both left and right. I would argue that the complete gutting of business oversight and consumer protections would be universally understood. Under Rick Suck: Movers can now change their prices mid-move, mechanics don't have to give written estimates, dozens of professions (like mold inspectors) no longer need a license, and the protections in place against our longtime problem with shady timeshare companies have vanished.

  2. Thank you! Yes indeed, that was the idea -- to appeal to things that everyone will agree to. I do like the suggestion, but do you know where that is documented in a media source? It's powerful stuff!
    Hey, I noticed that this post was #666 on this blog. I guess I just proved that Rick Scott is the antichrist!

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    1. Check it out IT... my friends at Recall Rick Scott posted your list.

    2. Excellent!! That was one of the places I had in mind for it, too. Please thank them for me!

      I also have reason 147 ready, but I'll wait until I get 150 to revise the list. Shouldn't be long!!