Friday, January 17, 2014

Do ANY Intelligent People Support Rick Scott?

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Part of my effort to create the non-partisan list of reasons to dis-elect Rick Scott has included making sure all the points in it are sound by looking for any contrary arguments by intelligent Rick Scott supporters. One of the problems with doing that is that I can’t seem to find any intelligent Rick Scott supporters.

Not that I haven’t looked. I’ve been surfing around taking part in online discussions at various newspaper websites and blogs, hoping to find some iron to sharpen iron. Instead, I mostly seem to be running into rubber chickens instead of iron. Nearly every Rick Scott supporter I find is presenting nothing but the same talking points. (To be fair, some who oppose him do that, too, but they are balanced out by many more who at least present some reasonable arguments.) But again and again, this is all I see:

“Rick Scott lowered the unemployment rate!”

“Rick Scott reduced the state debt by $5 billion!”

“Charlie Crist oversaw the biggest jump in unemployment in state history!”

And so on. They’re all the sort of thing my non-partisan list tackles. But as yet, I haven’t found anyone who can advance a response to any of them that I present.

It’s not likely I will, either. When Rick Scott supporters sign on to places with usernames like “Global Warming Scams” (that’s a real handle for someone on the Orlando Sentinel boards), it’s pretty clear I’m not dealing with someone who can give me a challenge.  GWS’ favorite posts include things like, “Yawn,” and slogans like, “Pick Rick!” He also creates rants like this one which describe Scott in fanatical, messianic terms:

Watch and observe the Greatest Governor the Great State of Florida has ever had.Governor Scott refused to take the bait from the clowns at the sentinel and blew them and their idiotic questions out of the water.We are blessed to have this Great Man as Our Governor, and we will all be dancing in the streets when this Man is re-elected by the biggest landslide in Florida's History.All of the useful idiots who complain about this Great Man will never admit the wonderful thing He has accomplished for Our State....Our State is in much better shape than it was before He became 

Governor.Christ/Morgan?????...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahsLive with the Man fools, because He will be ruling you for a long time.It's HISTORIC!!!!

Not exactly a brain trust, is he?

The most intelligent Rick Scott supporter I found so far goes under the username “sixzz,” and he haunts the boards over at the Tampa Bay Times web site. The best he could do involved an exchange where he said that Florida has created a lot more jobs than other states, and I replied that the state with the 4th largest population had better be close or at the top in that category, otherwise we’d better check it’s residents for a pulse. He replied that well, Florida has created more jobs per capita. That’s nice, but even if true (I couldn't verify it one way or the other), my answer is still the same. With our population 4th among states, verging on 3rd, we’d better have the chance to create the most jobs of any state, even per capita, and even if Donald Duck were our Governor (instead of Goofy). And never mind all the other factors involved, like our excellent climate and lack of state income tax, which Scott can’t take credit for – although I expect GWS would say he could.

Otherwise, the only type of person I find who supports Scott, does so for selfish reasons. On one board I found a man who said he'd never vote for Crist, because while Crist was governor, he said, Crist signed off on some bill regarding the regulation of fuels and ethanol, which required this man to have to haul large containers of gasoline down to his marina so that he didn't have to put ethanol in his Sea-Doo. I feel sorry for him -- don't you? Even if all of that was true, it's nice to know he plans to make a voting decision that affects millions, based on such substantial grounds.

Anyway, if you know an intelligent Rick Scott supporter, tell me where I can find them. And while you’re at it, introduce me to the Tooth Fairy if you get a chance.


  1. I know what you mean . I go to Rick Scott's facebook page and sometimes guy followed me and even threatened me after I shot down each of his arguments. It was easy to do because he only watched Fox and listened to Rush, so he had no idea what was going on. I pointed to YOUR list and the My Stupid State series.... Somewhere down the line we discovered we were both veterans and parted amicably. He turned out to be a decent guy, but very misinformed. Its dangerous to make your opinions who are... that was why he couldn't change no matter how clearly I pointed out he was voting against his own interests.

  2. It can happen to even the most intelligent people. I visited a physician earlier this week who didn't think either Scott or Crist was any good. In the time I had, I told him about 1) Scott's desire to disband the FHP and 2) his support of "docs vs glocks". He had not been aware of either of those and was shocked. He may end up not voting at all, but at least he won't vote for Scott. As slim as Scott's margin was last time, keeping those who voted for him home is also a victory for common sense and decency.

  3. I've met the Tooth Fairy. She is more real than a sane teabagger.